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8.00 Grams
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This lovely large dreamcatcher is about 50cm wide.

Starting from the top.

Has a circle of Juniper berry seeds.Ghost (Spirit) Beads, represent interconnection with the earth, trees, animals and humans. Wear it to bring about peace, harmony and safety. It wards off negative energy, bringing about protection from evil spirits, ghosts and nightmares.

Bear Paw.

The Bear symbol was important as it represented a protector and symbolized authority,physical strength and leadership.

The tracks of a predator, such as a bear track, are used to indicate a direction and are also symbols of  leadership.

The meaning of the Bear Track symbol was to signify a good omen and convey authority.

Sage Leather Medicine Bag.

Sage is one of the most important Native American ceremonial plants, used by many tribes as an incense and purifying herb.

Painted Talking Stick with Dreamcatcher.

The person holding the stick, and only that person, is designated as having the right to speak and all others must listen quietly and respectfully.

The dreamcatcher is a protective talisman that is used to protect people from nightmares and bad dreams. 

Native American cultures believe that both good and bad dreams fill the air at night.

Horse Teeth,Horse Hair.

Native Americans often made Spirit Horses to honor a fallen horse, in hopes that the spirit of the horse would follow them in life.

They should gain the strength and power of their fallen friend.

These effigies would be used in ceremonies, for healing and often carried into battle.

Pheasant Feathers. 

Present in virtually every Native American tribe, the feather symbol is universally recognized as a representation of trust, strength, wisdom, freedom, and honor.
Turquoise Nuggets
To the Navajo tribe, the color turquoise represents happiness, luck, and health.

All this with a lovely piece of driftwood (picked up at Opotiki Beach) all symbolising to me the divide between NZ and the USA thanks to the Covid.

The hoop is wrapped in a snake like fabric.