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The War Shirt.

The original shirt wearers earned the right to wear War Shirts through great acts of bravery and deeds that were incorporated into the designs.

Over the warriors lifetime, he would probably have owned more than one shirt.

Some War Shirts were also thought to possess intrinsic spiritual powers which were transferred to the wearer.

Buffalo hide was too thick to use,so the maker used Elk or deerskins.However,the ideal hides came from Mountain Sheep that roamed the Rocky Mountains to the Missouri River and beyond.

After the shirt was made,it could be decorated in many ways.

Four strips of quillwork or beadwork would be attached extended over the shoulders and hanging midway down the back,the other 2 strips attached to the sleeves next  to the shoulder strips.Neck tabs or facings on back and front of the shirt were also seen on Plains Indian War shirts.

Some tribes used square shapes while others used pointed tabs or other shapes.Rosettes are often found on on the early shirts in the middle chest and back.

Hair from humans and horses often extended from the quilled arm strips and down the outside of the shoulder strips.

Shirts with hair have often been called scalp shirts, but they were only made with hair locks.

Sometimes the same areas were decorated with fringe providing the flowing motion and a luxurious richness to the shirt.

A shirt could also be filled with vivid paintwork or pictographic artwork.

*Unfortunately this item cannot be purchased online. Please call me to discuss payment and delivery options.


*Unfortunately this item cannot be purchased online, please call me to discuss payment and delivery options.

Early shirts were painted and decorated with quillwork and bigger beads.

In the last part of the 19th century,shirts became more colourful with smaller beads and more intricate designs.

This war shirt is a work of art and comes ready to hang with an included red wool wrapped wall hanger. Native American war shirts make perfect rustic wall decor for southwest style and western home decorating. Measures 65" wide, 40" tall.

Authentic Native American, Manny Silvas Tribal #1895, Tribe: Tigua.


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