Monument Valley War Shield

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200.00 Grams
$12.50 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Monument Valley Buffalo Shield


This rawhide hand painted shield has 4 sets of beaded feathers dangling off.

Is 12 inches in diameter.

Native American shields or mandalas make beautiful Native American wall hangings for cabins, lodge style and Native American decor. Native shields were very important to Native Americans because they were strong symbols of good medicine. Representing both physical protection and also spiritual protection, shields displayed the cultural identity of the Native American that used them.

Much like a family crest in Europe, Native American shields linked families through common symbols as well as identifying the owner. Indian shields are perfect wall ornaments and one-of-a-kind treasures made by hand that make great gifts.

Skillfully, hand painted on the front with American Indian symbols, or covered with exotic pheasant feathers, American Indian shields are also often decorated with pony beads, prayer feathers or antler medallions or conchos and real deer skin leather for rustic decor and pow wow regalia.