Buckskin Quiver N Arrow Set

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80.00 Grams
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Buckskin Bow n Arrow set.

Native American bows and arrows are classic cultural icons that are perfect for rustic southwest style and western home decor. Any wall can be brightened and personalized with the addition of a Native American bow, quivers and Indian arrows. The bows and arrows are great as Indian art for wall hangings and look fabulous over a fireplace or in a family room.

North American Indian tribes used handmade bows for both hunting and warfare. Their most important weapon and tool was undoubtedly their bow and arrows. American Indian bows and arrows were also used to provide food, and defend against wild animals. Young Indian boys were given ‘toy’ bows and arrows at an early age. They would develop their skills and become excellent archers.

Adding an Indian bow with a deer skin quiver or exotic red fox or coyote pelt quiver and arrows with stone or bone arrowheads can set the Native American theme and add a masculine feel just right for rustic cabins and lodge style and Native American rooms.