Bow N Arrow set

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850.49 Grams
$15.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Traditional Bow N Arrow set.SOLD

45 inches across  and 9 inches down.

This set is traditionally made and has the makers VBI number attached.

This is a decorative Native American Navajo Indian bow and arrow set.

This beautiful Navajo peace bow and arrow set is handmade using soft chocolate brown deer skin.

A symbol of protection, this Indian bow and arrow set features as well, there are 3 bunches of horse hair,an attached medicine bag,the arrows are painted and have flint arrowheads.

Popular for rustic wall decor, this bow will look great in your home, office or cabin and also makes a great gift for anyone who likes southwest or western decor and Native American culture. 

Authentic Native American, Curtis Bitsui, Tribe: Navajo