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You Asked For It,!

Posted by Sheryl Papprill and Feather on 16th Feb 2014

Hello,my wonderful customers out there,well I asked the question on my Facebook page as to what you wanted,I hope this is it!!

Still tweeking my way through everything but seeing as we are coming into the thresh holds of winter it is the perfect time,seeing as the shop has slowed right down,lets look at other ways of helping the people.

Still got a lovely range of Mountain t'shirts in store,you know the ones,none shrink,pre washed so don't fade with amazing Native American prints on the front.

Through the winter months my shop will have shortened hours,as it is freezing cold down there but we will continue with normal hours through the weekend and while in the country I can be contacted to open up for you. 


I will be heading off to the States again and will probably still be there when this website is published,so the next blog  will be a far more exciting one than this one.

My main destination is Tuscon Arizona,only for  a few weeks but it will be great to absorb some more sun.I will mainly be looking at more jewellery to get me through next year.Also on the lookout for anything that is different and in line to meet new contacts.

Okay trip done,got heaps of new jewelery and have so enjoyed being in the warmth that Arizona offers.

As with all great things,this website is taking its time and is a challenge in most ways mostly with postage so you may have to bear with me till we unhook these hiccups.

Had an awesome trip as usual,tho it is becoming more challenging having to rely on friends and their time.  

But have managed to get more amazing jewelery and I am also running a few specials in store,like 1/2 price on childrens clothing.

I think I shall no longer cater for children,shall use that space for more exciting things,yet to be decided.

New stock should be here through next month so please pay us a visit if your looking for a change from the same old as we see here all the time.

Roll on summer,Love to all.