The planning has started!!

Posted by Sheryl on 6th Jun 2022

So a big hello to all my loyal customers that started coming back throughout the year and the new ones that have discovered us.

Its been a very interesting year, with the return of my son from Australia,not to mention my daughter and her family getting the covid, lucky for me there is no room for me to live in my own house so I feel I have dodged the bullet in that way, tho I still have a bit of a cough that I am struggling to get rid of even tho all my tests have been negative.

So even tho my jewellery stock is running out I'm looking forward to heading to the States this year to replenish(more about that later).

I have however got a a range of mexican blankets, brushed aztec blankets, lovely aztec shawls, plenty of leather handbags, great range of woman's cowboy boots, plenty of hats, nice range of woman's and mens tops.

I also have managed after many many emails and communications have got a range of Outlaw soaps & body wash, for the man in your life ladies, which also doubles as a shampoo (cos they cant be bothered using 2 bottles)The Gambler for instance uses all natural ingredients including Bourbon,Tobacco,and a little leather,I even have a Beard & Hair Elixir,now to quote what is written,

Contains some ingredients that may harden in cold temperatures.(read into this what you will)If you find yourself in that badass predicament please warm your elixir.This is a natural effect.This product smells of campfire, gunpowder,sagebrush and whisky! Now what man in your life do you think this would suit, c'mon we all know one!

So my big news is that I have managed to book for my next trip to the USA in August for the month so I can at last purchase some of the products I used to arrive back with.

Fingers crossed I have got the great Kate to manage my shop and website whilst I am away, she is such a great asset and it has been very hard struggling without her since covid took over our lives, she has been with me for so long and knows this shop inside out.

So on this note, to stop me rambling best I stop and will post another note maybe from the States or probably more when I get back, tho you can follow me on my Slow Water Trading Post pages on Facebook  and or Instagram.

Love to all Feather n Sheryl.