The end of another great year!

14th Dec 2023

So a warm welcome to all my great customers and followers and many new ones.I have had a pretty reasonable year considering the turbulent times,my main highlight being the sale of my War Shirt,to a pr … read more


Posted by Sheryl n Feather on 11th Jul 2023

So a lot has happened since my last blog,I've managed 2 more buying trips since then, not much has changed in the way shipping is being dealt with, so I'm having to airfreight my stock for xtra $$$.My … read more

The planning has started!!

Posted by Sheryl on 6th Jun 2022

So a big hello to all my loyal customers that started coming back throughout the year and the new ones that have discovered us.Its been a very interesting year, with the return of my son from Australi … read more

Is this ever going to end?

Posted by Sheryl on 8th Oct 2021

Okay so here I am again, still in lockdown on level 3plus, whatever that means, mostly the fact that I can't open my shop. Looks like the way through this for me is going to be through the post (hats … read more

Another Lockdown!!!

Posted by Sheryl Papprill on 22nd Aug 2021

Firstly thank you to my customers that have helped me keep my shop going through these trying times.I hope you are all well and keeping warm as we go through another cold spell here in New Zealand.I t … read more