Beaded Hair Clip Two Feathers

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Hand beaded hair clip with deer suede backing and metal clip.

This clip is Navajo handmade.

One of the most common arts and crafts practiced by multiple Native American tribes included the decorative use of beads of various types. Generations before Europeans landed on the shores of the new world, Native American beadwork used primarily stone, shell, quills, and bone carved patiently with non-metal tools. As the decades went by and new materials like metal and glass were introduced by the new people arriving on the shores, the beadwork patterns used on clothing, jewelry, and decorations became much more intricate and stylized.

Many people now enjoy Native American beading designs mixed into their fashion sense or displayed on decorator items around their homes. While the beading techniques and styles have changed quite a lot over the centuries, Native American beaded patterns remain an important part of this decorative artwork.