About Us


After becoming empty nesters and making the decision to holiday the USA my late husband and I were hooked.
We purchased a Dodge pickup and popped a camper on the back and continued to go over to the States every year after,so in the space of 10 years we covered a lot of ground and visited almost every state including some of Canada.
Gradually bringing back all sorts of  jewellery n bits n pieces.
Then 12 years ago several locals decided that a shop was needed so my late husband got to create his inside out Trading Post,modeled on the western towns that we visited.
We continued to travel yearly searching out the unusual,him Western,me Native American.
I now specialise in Sterling Silver and Turquoise purchased mostly from the Navajo or Zuni silversmiths,whom have had their trade passed down from generation to generation.
 Our jewellery is sourced from a mixture of the Zuni, Hopi and Navajo tribes whilst some of the beadwork is Cherokee.
Our Turquoise is from the New Mexico and Arizona / Colorado region.
To our knowledge the makers stamp on the back of each piece is genuine, just ask and if I have the names that correspond with the initials, I will pass them on.
Point of difference being;each piece, be it clothing or jewellery has been personally hand picked by me or at customer requests.
The shop is still a personal shop and not a copycat,everyday shop,( that seem to pop up everywhere,)I am still trying to keep it individual.
So with Turquoise jewellery, western hats,biker leather jackets,fringed clothing,bags, boots,
Native American artefacts,cushions, t-shirts,blankets,dreamcatchers,,skins,tin signs, Texas longhorns,
this is what my physical shop has become so you can see my website is only carrying a small percentage of what stock I have.
Well I am back to my yearly travel, since covid has passed us by(for now),tho on my last trip I found the jewellery in short supply and the $ exchange is killing me and don't get me started on shipping!
Anyway having my next spending spree in May this year,so please feel free to still shop either here or in my store.
But if you see anything on my google webpage or even in the shop please email me or ring and I will see what I can do to get it to you.
So with that Welcome to our website.
Cheers Sheryl & Feather.
We will be known forever by the tracks we leave. – Dakota